Welcome to the Studio

We are Brian and Jenifer Holmes. Here you will learn about our love and appreciation of things crafted by hand, recreating something new that has old bones and the love of quality antiques. We offer products to purchase as well as the opportunity to learn some of these trades first hand.

Jenifer has been expanding on her degree in commercial art for the last thirty years. She was employed at Rowe Pottery and painted salt glazed pottery for over 10 years, thousands of pieces have her decorator sign (look for the lowercase "J"). She was a demonstrator with STAMPIN' UP, offering paper crafting classes once a month and quarterly holiday themed events for almost thirteen years. One of her favorite creative outlets is sewing - making quilts, table runners, wall hangings and even clothing for her children when they were younger. She has mastered the skill of free motion machine quilting in a stipple/meandering type pattern and has created countless quilts for family members and consignment projects.

Updates from the Studio

A Year to Look Back On

2023 was more than we had hoped for, we attended some bigger events and had a packed schedule from April to December. We found our groove through demonstrating the "No Fall Hand Towels" and interacting with people with our charismatic sense of humor to spark conversations with just about anybody and it got down right GOOFY and fun. Throughout the year, numerous people would see us again and say "Yeah, the towel guy". Everything we make is practical, usable, giftable, along with one of a kind and makes it the perfect option to purchase.

We were happy to assist people with custom orders, creating that unique item just for them. One special request was to take a "mom's" wedding dress and turn it into keepsakes for her daughter, on her wedding day. This was an honor for us.

The hand towel that will not fall off your appliance handle or towel bar is an updated style to Grandma's cherished crocheted button hand towel. This style of hand towel gives us endless options to create something unique for every household. We have continued to add to our selection of fabrics. Offering endless options for our Tote Bags, Reading Pillows, Plastic Bag Holders, Wallets, Travel Size Tissue Holders, Fabric Baskets, Wristlets, Zipper Bags, Key Chains, Bowl Cozy's (size options) - all can be custom ordered with a fabric you select.

Look Out for Our Booth

We attend many market events throughout the year selling our wide variety of unique and useful items. We have much more than is available on the website making our booth a must visit and a refreshing break from your week!

Market Stand